Track geometry assessment systems

«SOKOL» complex for control and assessment of track geometry parameters fully complies with modern international standards. While designing this equipment, the best experience of world manufacturers of such systems was used, as well as the company's own achievements over the past two decades.




«SOKOL» Systems are designed for speed and high-speed measurement of track geometry parameters, as well as the profile of rail head by contact and non-contact method at speed range from 0 to 250 km/h.


Contact system


It is a system of sensors placed on three or four measuring trolleys, which are mounted on the body and the frames of car bogies of the rolling unit. This design makes possible to read data at speeds up to 100 km/h and accurately determine the geometry of the track. The parameters of the facilities at the inspected track section are also recorded and verified: the coordinates of kilometer posts, artificial structures, railway crossings, turnouts, etc.


Noncontact system


It is mounted on the frame of car bogie of any rolling unit. It makes possible to receive accurate measurement data at speed range from 0 to 250 km/h. Such operating speed was reached by a combination of two methods: optical triangulation and inertial. The first method is used for contactless measurement of the position and geometry of both rail ways using illumination lasers and receiving video cameras, and the second method is based on the use of a platform-less inertial navigation system to automatically determine its rolling performance and orientation parameters in three-dimensional mode and in real time.




All received information is processed in real time, recorded and saved for further analysis and planning of works on the routine maintenance and repair of the track. The software of the system makes it possible to compare information on the actual condition of the rails with data from the database of the track section, to perform automatic comparison and generate reports and recommendations for managing and operating units of the railways.


As an additional equipment, «SOKOL» can use video recording and smoothness of movement monitoring systems to determine the effect of rail profile changes and the rail track geometry on the parameters of train movement.




- Low cost.


- Compact, light and simple design, which makes it extremely easy to install and disassemble the entire system.


Scope of application


Network of railways and metro of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.