Safety systems

The railway is characterized by a high level of risk, injury and emergency situations, with an appropriate human stress influence. Among the harmful and hazardous factors accompanying railway employees in performance of their duties, the following factors prevail: high levels of strain, noise and vibration; lack of sufficient illumination level in working areas; physical and psychological overload.




The systems and complexes developed and manufactured by TVEMA are designed not only to ensure the safe operation of railway infrastructure facilities, but also to provide conditions for the safe and comfortable work of the employees of the railways and subways themselves. Minimization of the impact of factors that adversely affect the person and the safety of his work, is provided not only by the organization of a system of occupational safety measures, but also appropriate technical and technological solutions.


Alert complexes


An important element of the occupational safety system for railway employees (and, at the same time, passenger service) are information and sound systems for providing technological communication and loud-speaker notification at railway stations. The eight-channel KRIK-8K alert complex is designed for automatic 24-hour notification of the railway network employees and passengers about the approach of rolling stock and the transmission of other messages. KRIK-8K can be installed at a railway station of any kind and makes possible to connect several devices in parallel, so that they synchronously operate as a single complex with a large number of control channels.


Complexes for ensuring the safety of railway crossings


Multifunctional complexes for monitoring the occupancy of railway crossings are designed to prevent accidents on them, to avoid collisions of railway rolling stock with automotive cars and other vehicles. The complexes perform the following functions: automatic monitoring the occupancy of the crossing zone to identify the vehicles remaining there; control of protecting signal; audio notification of an emergency situation with the possibility of its transmission over a radio channel at the frequencies of train or station radio communications; round-the-clock registration and archiving of cases of violations of the rules of crossing and acts of vandalism at railway crossings.




A distinctive feature of our systems is high quality and reliability combined with simplicity, ease of use and low cost.


Scope of application


The network of railways and industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.