Composite sleepers

Since 2013, TVEMA has started manufacturing of composite sleepers according to the technical conditions agreed with the All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT JSC) for the replacement of wooden and ferroconcrete sleepers in railway tracks.




The sleepers made of polymer composite materials produced by TVEMA meet the requirements for operation and repair of the track, turnouts for railways, railways for industrial enterprises, subways and tram lines of all classes. These sleepers include a polymer matrix of recycled high-density polyethylene. They have long life cycles, maintainable, recoverable and completely recyclable at low operating costs. Sleppers retain their physical and mechanical properties under severe climatic conditions and are characterized by increased resistance to buffing loading and deflection, make it possible to reduce noise and vibration, thereby reducing the damage to the railway track, minimizing routine maintenance, and reducing the frequency of repairs.


Sleepers comply the fire certificate




- Durability (lifetime is more than 50 years).


- Ecological compatibility (do not contain toxic substances and do not cause corrosion).


- Easy installation.


- Resistance to aggressive influence (exposure to salt, gasoline and oil, etc.).


- Electrically insulating material.


- Reduction of noise and vibration during train run.


- Use of the specialized mixture increasing the service life, for the repair of sleepers.


They are delivered to metros of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku and tram lines of Moscow, as well as industrial enterprises of various regions of Russia and CIS countries.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and metros of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.