Clearance envelope inspection systems

One of the most laborious tasks in the conditions of growing speeds and volumes of cargo transportation is the maintenance of tunnels and artificial structures. To ensure compliance with the requirements for the condition of tunnels, to prevent the obstruction and rolling stock conflict, periodic instrumental monitoring of these parameters is necessary.




TVEMA has developed the GABARIT-M complex of high-speed three-dimensional scanning for monitoring the condition of tunnels, analysis of the parameters of the ballast section and verification of the obstruction and rolling stock clearance. The complex, installed on a measuring train or a car, may include a speed and high-speed scanning system.


Speed scanning system


Specially designed for severe operating conditions, the system makes it possible to perform year-round measurement of infrastructure facilities at speeds up to 140 km/h with a step between measurements not exceeding 0.2 m. The system is based on a laser scanner operating on the principle of phase shift measurement. The high accuracy and quality of the equipment design make it possible to achieve a minimum measurement error throughout the operating range. Integration capabilities of the system provide the implementation of such functions as the sharing of scan data and information from video monitoring and track measuring systems.


High-speed scanning system


Designed for high monitoring speeds, the system combines from 1 to 6 high-speed laser scanners to achieve impressive results and a minimum distance between shoot profiles (0.05 m at speeds up to 320 km/h) while providing high image resolution. The system can be used on high-speed major railroad lines where it is impossible to allocate time spaces for verification, and the need for quality and regular inspections stipulates specific requirements for track measuring trains.




One of the main advantages of our scanning systems is unique software.


The innovative filtering and compression system make it possible to use only the information actually necessary, and intelligent data analysis algorithms and integration modules with customer information systems make it possible to introduce the measurement complexes in diagnostics technology, in the shortest possible time.


The program modules form the analytical and reporting data necessary for effective infrastructure management:


- two-dimensional and three-dimensional display of the measured area with the overlay of the video of the specified clearance violations (zones and dimensions);


- measured rolling stock clearance;


- determination of deviations in the content of the ballast section;


- two-dimensional and three-dimensional display of tunnels with automatic detection of wall defects;


- position of the overhead line;


- report on sites with violence of clearance;


- report on the condition of the tunnel;


- report on the condition of the ballast section;


- general report on the site condition.


Scope of application


Network of railways and metros of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.