Ndt trolleys

Ultrasonic double-thread flaw detectors


The new improved modification of the flaw detection trolleys of the «SPRUT» project. They are designed for continuous and local (re-control) testing of rails, welded joints and turnout elements.


Ultrasonic single-thread flaw detectors


The new improved modification of the flaw detection trolleys of the «SKAT» and «SOM» projects. They are designed for detection, registration and decoding of signals from flaws in rails of railway track sections where testing is difficult or unsafe if conducted on two ways simultaneously (rails located in tunnels, on bridges, near passenger platforms and in places with intensive train traffic).




- The use of the advanced scanning scheme, that provides detection of differently oriented flaws in one run.


- Availability of the control panel with a display of the information on current operating modes of the flaw detector and assignment of function keys.


- Sound and light indication of exceeding the permitted operating speed.


- Conducting a manual control with automatic detection of flaws and the ability to create a testing protocol automatically.


- Availability of the automated unit for adjustment of the PET parameters and the control with the illustrated support manual in the software.


- Using the GLONASS Global Positioning System and GPS System to determine the position coordinates of the flaw detector while moving.


- Application in the electronic unit of a color matrix indicator, providing increased information content in the operational view of    flaw patterns.


- Transfer of information from the electronic unit of the flaw detector to a PC using removable USB flash drive media, as well as by wireless method via mobile Internet.


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has produced about 300 flaw detection trolleys of the «SPRUT» project on railways, subways and industrial enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and subways of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.