Life support systems

With the growth in the volume of rail transportation, the consumption of fuel, energy and other material resources necessary for its operation is also increased.




Resource saving and life support systems, widely implemented in rail transport today, are designed to minimize the consumption of material resources by most effective use of these resources, without damage to transportation. They concern both the track operation and the equipping of rolling stock and equipment of railway infrastructure facilities. TVEMA offers potential customers the life support systems that have been proven by practice and have been recognized by consumers.


Climatic systems


The climatic systems of the joint production of TVEMA and TGSV can be used both for prompt resolution of issues in the event of emergencies, and for the planned construction or conversion of railway infrastructure facilities. At the same time, the proposed equipment does not have any climatic restrictions and can be used in any region, both in Russia and abroad. Modern technologies and a wide range of installations for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and purification, which jointly are the basis of industrial climate control systems, are the product of the joint production of TVEMA and TGSV group.


Prefabricated modular buildings


Prefabricated modular buildings are a portable folding structure that provides comfortable placement of staff, quick deployment and transportation. One set of buildings can be deployed and ready for use in 10-15 minutes by efforts of only 3 people, while providing an isolated structure, customized to meet your needs.


We produce modular buildings of the following modifications:


- Т-1М (С48) – modular building with an area of ​​28 m²;


- Т-2М (С96) – modular building with an area of ​​30 m²;


- Т-3М – modular building with the an of ​​24 m² (options of one, two and three rooms).


Energy-efficient illumination systems


Since 2010, TVEMA started the wide use of LED-based lighting systems in its development. High strength and reliability of light-emitting diodes, absence of sensitive elements (like a filament) make it possible to use them in the company's products used in conditions of vibration, mechanical shock or thermal impact, that is, in a standard environment for railway transport.




- Modularity.


- Efficiency.


- Mobility.


- Use of standard transport for their delivery.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and metros of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.