The new series of portable accelerometers “AKSIOMA”

December 2020 the dispatch of the new series of portable accelerometers “AKSIOMA” designed and produced by AO “Firma TVEMA” upon the request of OAO “RZhD” (Russian Railways) were held.

“AKSIOMA” monitoring system is intended for receiving track infrastructure condition data and evaluation of the riding comfort of a car and passenger. The system is running on “TRACK ICAR” software, that realize measurements’ tying to picket, riding comfort calculation and infrastructure conditions visualization.

The first series devices are in operation since 2019. During that time about 200 000 km were inspected.

The differences between the new series and the previous ones are in the replacing a wired antenna with a wireless GPS Receiver, in the summary reports’ automatic generation and data export to the Unified railway management system by OAO “RZhD”, and in the generation of track gauge geometry tape with riding comfort aberration.

Trial runs of new series of portable accelerometers “AKSIOMA”, held at the Moscow railway (including MCC), confirmed high technical and operational level of the gadget.