Composite picket sleepers

One of the latest TVEMA developments- composite picket sleepers (CPS) with built-in electronic transcoding devices.

The sleepers themselves are 100% recycled, environmentally friendly, do not pollute the biosphere with toxic substances. The composite sleepers do not crumble, do not crack, do not absorb moisture and do not rot, require practically no maintenance. The material of the sleepers is a dielectric resistant to aggressive environment, the sleepers are not susceptible to electrocorrosion.

During CPS’s production, electronic tags are placed in the body of the sleepers, these tags are encoded with passport data, diagnostic data, railway and geographic coordinates and other data.

A unique technology that has no analogues in the world, provides control of the movement (sliding) of rail sbars with accuracy of one millimeter, picket binding of the coordinates of diagnostic tools data and track machines with accuracy of 0.5 meters.

All data is transferred to the common file store of the measuring systems, which allows to bring automatically the data of mobile diagnostic tools to one section of the track, essentially increase the taking actions to safety precautions of train traffic and eliminate deviations.

The CPS is supplied with alignment marking installed on the sleeper’s upper layer, built-in recoded RFID electronic tags for reading by mobile diagnostic tool’s scanner, NFC tags for a readout by a mobile workstation (smartphone), a special CPS tag symbol for reading and identifying video by measuring systems of mobile diagnostic tools and for testing these systems.